About Me

Judy Photo 13 Setp 2017My Name is Judy Gunn,

and I live in Safety Bay Western Australia and I am a born and bred Australian. I have 4 sisters and one brother who are all very dear to me. I have three children and 2 grandchildren. A few months ago I moved in with my eldest sister, we decided that why live on your own when you can live with one of your best friends and it’s working out beautifully.

My background started with retail in pharmacy and worked my way through the positions to become the buyer. I got interested in personal development while working there as I found that people were just wanting to be listened to and I loved to listen.

I purchased my own beauty therapy salon with a partner and had several staff, and I loved to be able to make someone happy and feel good about themselves. It was about then I started participating in personal development courses and weekends and when the marriage broke down I went full on into finding out who Judy was and what her purpose was here on earth.

Back into retail for some years and then into Government contracting and processes ┬áled me into conflict management which came very easy to me. I love to solve issues for others, as it’s all about suggesting different viewpoints to look at problems.

I have been online with my skills to assist others to create a passive income and change their mindset to accommodate their new ventures. I have finally found Judy and now know who she is and what her purpose is here; to support and guide others to find their purpose in life. We all have a purpose which is unique and it’s our job to find it and live in love and abundance.

Professional Experience

  • Started network marketing over 20 years ago in several different companies, going to meetings and trainings with little success in making money so turned to the internet.
  • Online coach and mentor to seniors wanting to transition to the next phase with enough money to create the life of their dreams.
  • Qualified Beauty Therapist
  • Certified Life and Health Coach
  • Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Workplace Training and Assessment qualifications
  • ESP or commonly know as tapping