Why I Started My Coaching Business Online

…..well there is a story attached to this and it’s my story but I am sure that many will relate to this……

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

A belief is a generalization. It’s a generalization about the way the world works.

We are programmed to make generalizations and rules and those rules keep us safe, those rules help us conform to society and they keep us out of social problems.

A fair number of the major decisions we make about our self-image shows up before the age of about 9 years old, with a large number of them made up before we are about 6 years old.

People will form these rules about who they are, about what’s possible, about how they should behave and then they never look at them or think about them ever again in their entire life.

It’s kind of like walking around with a really old map. Imagine if you had a 50-year-old map of Perth city and if you were to go into the city and try to  navigate your way around based on that 50 year old map. How successful would you be?

The question is, once you identify it and you identify something that’s limiting you or holding you back, what do you do about it? Well for the map, you would realise that it’s old and doesn’t work now, so you would go and get an updated one.

Ask yourself these questions…..

  1. What is one belief you have in life that is very important to you? Make sure this is a belief that you come in contact with often and influences some of your decisions:
  2. How long have you held this belief?
  3. In what ways could this belief be holding you back or affecting your judgement in a negative way?
  4. In what ways could you “upgrade” your belief from those earlier years?

What is the dominant emotion behind the belief you mentioned earlier?

In what ways could this belief be holding you back or affecting your judgement negatively?

The question then becomes, well how do you do it? How do you change a limiting belief?

Belief is a decision that’s backed by emotion, so the way to change a belief is to change your decision and back it with emotion. That’s a really simple little formula.

I think that the hardest thing about changing a belief is first identifying it, even realizing that it’s there, because a belief ends up like a pair of sunglasses, or tinted glasses, you don’t even notice that the world is tinted anymore.

People used to say to me that I viewed the world through rose-coloured glasses.

It is so much easier for someone else to see and identify the belief that’s there than it is for ourselves to identify that belief.
I just recently had a friend say, “Why is it so easy for me to see the problems that my friends have, but I can’t see my own problems?”

Part of this has to do with these belief filters.

We can very easily see what is going on with someone else, because we can relate it to an event that happened in our own life.

I grew up with the belief that I would never amount to anything, and after I got married I was constantly told I had no class, couldn’t make good friends etc.

After 27 years in that marriage I decided to leave and then my journey of self discovery began. I have been participating for over 20 years in personal development to discover who I really was and that I am a valuable human being with lots to offer the world. I grew to understand that those mean nasty things other people said had nothing to do with me, it was their own filters playing out and they reacted to those opinions according to what happened in their lives.

So why am I doing what I am doing online…I discovered that I have had enough experience and training throughout my years to be of some help to others and I love to coach and teach others that they too can emerge from the caterpillar stage and become that beautiful butterfly.




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  1. Absolutely love your image of caterpillar to butterfly! That’s what we’re all trying to achieve in one way or another, isn’t it? So glad to see how much experience you have that you can now share with others.

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