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Judy Robin Gunn

Hello my name is Judy Robin Gunn and I am a Forex Trader, Mindset Management Coach and Digital Marketing Specialist.  

I have a passion to teach and inspire YOU to grow into the person you want to be.
You see I was like millions of other women who got married early, had children and then existed with the day to day challenges and I did my best to create a wonderful homelife for my family....The marriage wasn't successful but I was the best mum I could be loving my children and always being there for them.
My relationship with my husband was a turbulant one and after 27 years of struggling and feeling so alone and sad inside, I decided one day to leave. My children were grown and I felt even more alone. There was no planning about where I was going to live, how I was going to survive, I just had to go.
I know now it was my angels who prompted me to put me first for a change and they have been my source ever since. Looking back I am grateful for all those sad and lonely days and nights, and experiences that I had to go through because they made me who I am today. 
As a Forex Trader Mindset Management Coach, I found out who I was and what my purpose was while I am here on this earth and it doesn't matter the age or situation YOU can to.
I retired from the workforce about several years ago to build my business online, to  work from home with the hours that pleased me. Being online enables me to reach YOU where ever YOU are because YOU can grow and learn anything YOU want to be and I am here to help you.
I have worked in my own businesses and also worked for others in retail and government.
I live by the ocean with my sister, and even though we are totally different in our personalities and passions, it works well.
We love animals and a recently rescued a mother and son fur babies who hadn't had a good life. They bring a lot of joy but keep us busy with the retraining.
They are Jack Russell crosses (the fur babies), although I think Benny has some Corgie in him. Dear little guys who have been starved of love and affection. 
I guess its like anything new you must start from the beginning and build up the muscles to have it be successful. I had to start from scratch to earn money to survive and it wasn't easy.
Who is my coaching for?... you may well ask...
Are you struggling with a shortage of money at the end of each month, no matter how hard you work?
Do you have the lifestyle that you truly want?
Do you worry that you children will not have the opportunity to buy their own home, or get a job that will pay them enough to live on?
Do you think you have left it too late to learn another skill to change your lifestyle?
Are you worried that if you decide to take a different path, your friends and family will judge you?
Trust me what ever situation you are in now,  you can change. I know this because I did it myself. The experiences I have had and the results I created from those sometimes frightful times will enable me to show you a better way to recreate the lifestyle you want without all the heartache.
I have a skillset in financial education and a marketing platform to show you how you can build that business you want just the way you want it. I will coach you along the way to keep you ontrack through the ups and downs of your new journey.

So let me share with you the opportunity to take away the fear of no money, no employment, what happens after you lose your job and what your friends and family will say. 
So what do I have to offer you.....
I have been coaching for over 25 years and in many different areas. I have studied and coached through  those years so I can show you what works and what doesn't... to save you time. 
I am a Master Practitioner in i-NLP, Life Coach  and many other modalitites and have qualifications in teaching and training which is something I love to do, so I have you covered.

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